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Day Trip to Meteora

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Discover the breathtaking wonders of Meteora. This excursion offers the best highlights of Meteora’s awe-inspiring rock formations and monasteries. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site.
Book your Meteora day trip now and embark on an unforgettable journey!
The Mill of the Elves

Matsopoulou Mill

It works as museum which gives a very detailed image on what this building was for.
But during Christmas holidays you can combine it with a fairytale place with lots of attractions and small places where you can buy stuff to eat ( sweats / chocolate / pizza / juices / burgers / ice creams ) or other stuff for decoration. 
Its a unique experience, especially for children.

Tsitsani Museum

Koursoum Mosque

Visit the mosque and the whole complex with the Ottoman baths, housed in the Tsitsani Museum,a few meters away.
Mosque works as archaeological museum.

Byzantine ramparts and main fort

Trikala Fort

Excellent view and easy walking from city center.
The castle has a wooden walkway surrounding it. It is an uncommon and very beautiful feature that allows one to stroll by the fort walls without climbing the steep sides.
This is a good place to see all of Trikala from above. It has a very nice cafe and you can relax under the trees.

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